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Manchester City of Sanctuary: Building a Network of Welcome

     People who seek sanctuary, fleeing war & persecution, are looking for safety, welcome and friendship.

Manchester can be that place – a city of sanctuary.

Our vision is for every person seeking sanctuary to feel part of a supportive community that understands and welcomes them.  

Our mission is to make Manchester a welcoming place for refugees and asylum seekers.

Our values are:

  • Connection: valuing the power of personal connection as a way of understanding and promoting empathy
  • Acceptance: seeing people are they are, without question and without judgement
  • Collaboration: working together to create deeper and lasting impact across the sector and with public bodies
  • Empowerment: working towards sanctuary seekers becoming protagonists of their own futures
  • Dignity: recognising the humanity of all people

Our approach: 

We bring together refugees, asylum seekers and local Mancunians for shared understanding, fun, friendship and wellbeing: 

  • Connecting Sanctuary Seekers with Manchester locals through fun and friendship-building events such as social events and coffee mornings.
  • Helping Sanctuary Seekers to stay active with accessible physical activities such as yoga classes and cycle training.  
  • Providing social opportunities and training to learn about each other and learn new skills.
  • Enabling Sanctuary Seekers to volunteer with us and with other organisations.
  • Creating safe spaces for Sanctuary Seekers to share and reflect on their experiences. 
  • Supporting Sanctuary Seekers to get to know Manchester.
  • Supporting local organisations to be better able to understand and support Sanctuary Seekers.

Manchester City of Sanctuary has charity status: Ref number 1168839. If you would like to donate to us you can donate here or sign up to our newsletter here.

Follow us on Twitter: @ManchesterCoS and Instagram: @mcrcityofsanctuary or like our Facebook page.

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Our Handbook

Have you seen our handbook for Sanctuary Seekers in Manchester, written for Sanctuary Seekers BY sanctuary seekers. Download it here.


Could you help us with a one off or monthly donation? A small amount goes a long way. Just £10 enable a Sanctuary Seeker to attend two social sessions. Donate here.