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GM Streams of Sanctuary Network

The Greater Manchester Streams of Sanctuary Network is a group of local organisations that either want to support and engage with people seeking asylum and refugees, or already are. From universities, to libraries, schools and museums, all organisations are welcome! Some organisations are recognised with a sanctuary award by City of Sanctuary UK for their positive work, others are working towards it. This group is a platform to: 

  • Share positive work that involves people seeking sanctuary
  • Bring together the activities and support in Greater Manchester
  • Learn more about sanctuary awards 
  • Collaborate on projects and events
  • Be informed about the policies and changes affecting the lives of refugees and asylum seekers 
  • Ensure our organisations are a place of welcome and understanding of the experiences of people seeking safety.

The group is led by the Manchester City of Sanctuary group and the national coordinator at City of Sanctuary for the North West. We invite you to join our quarterly meetings to hear updates about the City of Sanctuary movement, local events and activities concerning refugees and asylum seekers, and share your ideas as well as providing peer-to-peer support, resources,  events or information. 

Contact us to find out more