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Our mission in Manchester is to help spread the City of Sanctuary network to Manchester, making it united in being a welcoming city, open and fair for all. We are a non-religious organisation who want to create a more inclusive and welcoming city to those seeking sanctuary who bring skills, enterprise, music, food and hard work to enrich our city.

We are asking that local people, community groups, businesses and organisations across Manchester promise their support. Help us get everyone in our city involved in this movement: schools, hospitals, sports clubs, businesses, faith groups, the local authority, councilors, community groups, clubs and your neighbours and friends!

Our Aims:

Through our activities and partnerships with other organisations, Manchester City of
Sanctuary is committed to:

  1. Building a culture of welcome in Manchester for refugees and people seeking asylum
    (sanctuary seekers) by developing positive everyday connections between them and
    local people.
  2. Advancing public education about issues relating to sanctuary seekers and to dispel
    misconceptions about the UK’s international legal and ethical obligations to protect
    people fleeing from war, violence and persecution in their countries of origin.
  3. Providing or assisting in the provision of activities that promote equality and diversity,
    facilitate understanding between people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities,
    and that support the health, wellbeing and social inclusion of sanctuary seekers in
  4. Helping develop welcoming and supportive civic spaces in Manchester, where
    sanctuary seekers may participate as equal citizens, access public services and
    participate in the social and cultural life of our city, irrespective of immigration status.
  5. Through these activities we seek to promote progressive and transformational
    change in wider social attitudes towards refugees and people seeking asylum, and
    the empowerment of sanctuary seekers by embedding them in networks of
    friendship, social solidarity and mutual support.

You can get involved by:

  • Making a donation to help fund our work.
  • Signing up for our mailing list and helping us spread the word about our activities.

Last updated: August 2023