Pennine House is a short-term holding centre for up to 8 asylum seekers and immigrants who have been detained by the Home Office. It is hidden away in a nondescript grey hanger-like building near Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport. Asylum seekers are often taken there for a few days before being moved to an Immigration Removal Centre (IRC). Most of these are down South near Heathrow or Gatwick Airports.

If you know of somebody who is detained there, and you cannot visit them yourself, you can contact Chris Lukey at MIDST (Manchester Immigration Detainee Support Team): 01925 758418 | [email protected]

If you want to visit someone there, you need to ring the centre on 0161 489 5700/2. They will give you a half-hour appointment. If you are driving, park in the Terminal 2 short-term car park. There is a large, half-empty car park in front of the building, but it’s only for airport employees. You will need to take your passport / other photographic ID, otherwise they will not let you in. Make sure you wrap up well and take an umbrella, as you may be kept waiting outside for some time: there is no shelter, and it is very cold, as the sun does not reach that side of the building.

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