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“Kindness is Catching” – Newsletter 15/02/16

“I can’t go home. I’m alone here. I knew no-one in UK. Then I met Manchester City of Sanctuary and they hugged and accepted me. I’m so proud to be part of City of Sanctuary. It’s my family”.

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  1. Could you provide some bus fares to allow Asylum Seekers to attend Conversation Clubs or other MCoS Events?
  2. Buy your Petitioning Postcards to send to your MP
  3. MCoS Sponsored Bike Ride at Alexander Park
  4. Are you a teacher, headteacher or TA?
  5. Next Conversation Club : Community Meal Sunday 21st February 1-3pm
  6. Shopping Buddy – Opportunities every week to help Asylum Seekers
  7. Volunteering Training
  8. Opportunities to Talk English
  9. Food bank at Transformation Resource Centre, Longsight and at Avila House, Oxford Rd
  10. Tickets to performances at the Royal Exchange Theatre 2016