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We have very exciting news to share……!! Manchester City of Sanctuary has been chosen by the Coop to receive a percentage share of the Coop Local Community Fund during 2018.

The money we receive will help continue to provide English classes for asylum seekers and refugees.  We believe that by teaching asylum seekers and refugees English, it enables them to integrate into the local community more effectively and to contribute to society in an equal way. It also improves communication between cultures, religions and ethnicities and in turn creates a stronger community as a whole as well as a more kind, caring and compassionate society.

We need your help to maximise the amount we receive from the fund so we can continue our commitment to ensuring Manchester is a welcoming city, embracing of diversity, and open and fair to all.

You can help us by:

  • Becoming a member of the Co-op if you’re not already a member. It only costs £1 and there are a range of benefits for you and local causes. Find out more:
  • If you are a Coop member already, please ask everyone you know to back our cause and spread awareness of what Manchester City of Sanctuary does. Sign into your account and pledge your support. (Read more about us on our Cause Profile Page once you are a member)
  • Shop in your local Coop as a percentage of your spend is put directly into the Fund that Manchester City of Sanctuary will receive a grant from. This happens even if you are not a Coop member. You’ll also be helping other local causes.