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It’s awesome to think that, even since August last year (this image is from our annual report in August 2017) we’ve made some great progress. More partner organisations, 3 paid employees, over 1000 twitter followers and 610 facebook likes, it’s nice to see things moving in the right direction. It’s also really awesome to have our members really leading our conversation clubs now. Our Congolese and Iranian members have already led two conversation clubs, with traditional food, information about their culture, and brilliant dancing too. It’s appropriate here to give a huge welcome o Liz, our new volunteer coordinator! Thanks to her presence, we now have the capacity to really start building our volunteer network.

community cohesion, anybody?

Reflecting on how far we’ve come is something that really gives me pause. Having started back in 2010 with events that pulled sometimes less than 10 sanctuary seekers, unfunded, with no paid worker, an unconstituted voluntary organisation. Now we regularly have 80+ people attending our events, have been funded by a variety of organisations and generous individuals, are a registered charity,  and are faciltating events where sometimes 20 nationalities share the same space, activities, food and entertainment. It’s really a special organisation.

We’re really hoping and working towards grassroots funding: could you help us with a small, regular donation? Please do consider it: just click the button here and it can all be done through paypal! 🙂 Thank you!