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Goodbye to Sally and Simone

Sally Kenyon and Simone Ellison are both moving on from their posts as assistant development workers, as Liz Hibbert will be returning from her sabbatical in a few weeks time.

We asked them what they have most enjoyed during their short but sweet time with Manchester City of Sanctuary, here is what they had to say…

Sally “It’s been great working alongside such amazing people from all over the world, who have been involved with Manchester City of Sanctuary either as a volunteer, supporter or colleague. We really are a family, where everyone is there to support each other, whether we’re delivering big events like The Big Conversation, or when we start to get a bit tired on Bridget’s Walks! Thank you to everyone – I will never forget your resilience, passion and kindness.”

Simone “Building a team of 30 strong volunteers has been a real highlight. Watching everyone’s confidence grow and the empowerment people have experienced through their roles. My absolute favourite day was working at the Inspire kitchen, cooking the food for the Big Conversation event alongside the team of eight volunteer chefs, all of whom are people seeking sanctuary in the UK. Everyone worked so hard and it was both inspiring and heart-warming to be a part of! I’ll really miss everyone’s smiling faces and in the words of volunteer Barly Koyangbwa, the family that is Manchester City of Sanctuary”

simone and sally