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Volunteer Training

Last week, the volunteer teams met at Manchester Museum to take part in the monthly training session. We were lucky enough to have Dr Elaine Clarke share some great confidence building activities as well as some mindfulness techniques. We all thought they were particularly useful to help manage stress and anxiety.

Managing wellbeing is so important but can often be overlooked because of all the other things we have to do and are responsible for, so it was good to be reminded that self-care is not selfish and is actually really important.

In the last part of the session, we heard from Kechen and Michael, our great placement students from The University of Manchester, who explained about the Health and Wellbeing Pass which promotes the importance of looking after your mental health, through five key steps. Connecting, being active, learning, giving and mindfulness are the ways the NHS recommend you do this. Some of our key events and partnerships will focus on these elements in the next few months.

Finally, we took some time to evaluate how the volunteer programme is going, and whether people had any suggestions or recommendations. Liz, our Volunteer Coordinator is currently looking at these and is grateful for the feedback.