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Sharing Feedback

Feedback from volunteers

One of the key things we’ve been working on recently, is strengthening our Volunteer Teams. We have four key teams that focus on Communication, Funding, Hospitality and Welcoming. The teams are made up of Sanctuary Seekers and Europeans living in Greater Manchester; together they work to support Jane and Liz and have the vital role in ensuring that our events are delivered smoothly and are shared widely within the community. The meet once a month and spend the session planning, as well as taking part in team building activities and listening to invited speakers who help develop their skills.

In the last session we spent sometime engaging in collecting feedback and evaluating the 6 months that the volunteer programme has been in existence. Hearing from the volunteers directly, asking and being open to feedback including ways to improve is very important to us.

Happily there was some really positive feedback:

‘I enjoy the friendly environment, feeling part of a kind community.’

‘Meeting all these diverse and interesting people.’

Additionally, there are some really clear ways of moving forward and continuing to provide a space for people to connect, develop skills and support Manchester City of Sanctuary.