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January was off with a bang!

Despite the rainy weather and the travel disruptions due to the parade in the city, our January Big Conversation was a great success!

With 80 attendees throughout the afternoon, we spent a great few hours having fun, eating great food and meeting new and old friends.

We were delighted to be hosted by the People’s

History Museum who were so helpful; the venue was spacious and really allowed us to spread out and get comfortable! We had Manchester Amnesty International join us to raise awareness of the Reunite Refugee Family campaign and to get people to sign the petition. Alongside them, we had the fab team from the University of Manchester chatting to people and talking about options for further education.

The food was provided by Najwa from Sofra, who is supporting our Sanctuary Chefs to develop not only their cooking skills but the leadership and organisations skills. The vegetarian meal was delicious and everyone I spoke with was so positive!

Faz, from Music Action International was the real star of the show, the audience loved his beat boxing and the workshop he delivered was well attended and looked like great fun.


All in all, it was a lovely end to January, with so much joy and happiness in the room. Can’t wait for the next one!