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Migrant Destitution Fund



Our Partnerships Coordinator, Liz, is on the team of the Migrant Destitution Fund, a fund that will be relaunching later this month. This is a fund which has a real, tangible impact on the Sanctuary Seekers that we support. It’s being relaunched earlier than originally planned due to the additional challenges that COVID 19 brings for those who are destitute and with No Recourse to Public Funds. We’d like to ask if any of you are in a position to, to please donate so that we are able to continue supporting the most vulnerable among us.

The Migrant Destitution Fund is wholly voluntary run, so all donations go directly to people who are in need. If you can help, please donate what you can now or sign up to give monthly at: Migrant Destitution Fund GM (To  give monthly please click on one of the suggested donation amounts and select the ‘make it a monthly donation’ box on the next page)

Lutfor’s Story


“In 2016 I was evicted from my asylum accommodation. I was homeless for a month – living on the street, not knowing any friends who could share a place to sleep. I had no money, food or knowledge about support. Fortunately the weather was no so chilly.  

 I was in desperate need of food, shelter, and credit to talk to my lawyer and charities providing support. I had to walk everywhere to find any update. It gives me goosebumps thinking about that time.

 The Fund helped me during the worst time, giving me space to submit a new asylum application. On the fourth time, it was accepted. Now I can work and get housing. I’m giving my time back to the Fund to help others have the same opportunity”


Andy’s Story


“Things became a lot harder with coronavir


us, because normally I would go to charities to eat. But now this isn’t available, so I have no way of getting food. It’s having a negative effect on my wellbeing, I’ve got nowhere to turn to, no food. It’s scary, because you need to eat a balanced diet – especially because of the virus, you need to stay healthy. 


 With the destitution fund, it gives you the option of buying some food, it’s positive, makes you happier – it brightens your day to go and buy some fresh food… 

 It’s life, isn’t it? You’ve gotta make the best of the situation… and we have to be thankful that we have a life, that we’re healthy”


If you’re able to go without an Easter Egg this weekend and contribute to helping those who need it, we’d be really grateful.

Thanks as ever, for your time and your continued support.