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Manchester City Council pledges to become a Local Authority of Sanctuary

Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending the council meeting, where a pledge to become a Local Authority was passed unanimously.

We shared why the sanctuary awards are so important and listened to personal testimonies demonstrating the huge power and impact that welcome can have on someone seeking sanctuary.

We heard from a range of councillors who talked about Manchester’s long history of providing a welcoming place for newcomers and heard why it is so important to challenge the Illegal Migration Act and to fight back with empathy and compassion.

Cllr. Midgley proposed the motion stating that:


‘Manchester is a proudly diverse city that speaks over 200 languages and has over many
generations, drawn people from across the world to call Manchester home. For hundreds of
years Manchester has been a city of sanctuary for those fleeing persecution and building for
a better life. We recognise the valuable contribution that all these communities have made to
our economic, social and cultural life over many years. We have a proud record in this city of fighting for a compassionate and fair Asylum system and Manchester has played a full and active part in supporting government schemes to host and support people seeking asylum and refugees including the Afghan Resettlement Programme, Homes For Ukraine and Asylum Contingency Hotels and dispersed accommodation.’

We also got some media coverage of the event too!

We’re really excited to see how the council plan to work towards achieving the award and making lives better for those who now call Manchester home.