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Inspired by one of our events in partnership with Manchester Libraries, Farheen wrote this poem about Corona Virus and it’s impact.


Why there is a corona 

Everywhere its corona 

There is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide from corona 

We are living in a fear from coronavirus 

We lay on bed, sit on a coach watch out the window 

The roads are empty, we watch the sky but there is no bird to see 

Watching to the news of thousands of people dying 

hoping this will end but there is no guarantee 

These eyes are sad, we are tired, there is no one to see 

We are afraid to visit families 

There are things that I want to share, 

which remained hidden inside this heart 

My question is to the world what is corona? 

Is this a disease or is it a business? 

Oh, people ask yourself why there is a corona? 

When quarantine started, the food is unaffordable, the masks are expensive 

Prices of goods been increased 

The medicine is lost 

The question is what is corona? 

It is the result of this black-market, disloyalty, disrespecting others, lying and taking human rights is a corona 

Ask yourself why there is a corona 

People have forgotten in this world you remain for a while, 

but then you must also leave 

Oh, people Corona is the punishment of your deeds 

everything here must remain behind 

Coronavirus is not a chance to earn 

every human life’s matter 

corona is the result of your greed 

The USA must know there is no super power but there is one and only and that is GOD 

India must also know, you made Kashmir suffer and go through extensive violence over decades, hope you realise their pain and free Kashmir 

Hope this world recovers soon from this catastrophe 

May this corona awake the sleeping souls 

Hope people would learn how to be kind to one another and fairer, more sustainable 

more progressive, more honest and give equal rights to all human beings, 

there is no rich, no poor, no black no white, no brown, no Asian, no tall no short 

together is the strongest to overcome any obstacles any virus any pain 

The greatest religion of them all is to unite and be kind 

This world is a home for us all 

Let’s save this world don’t break it 

Farheen Raja