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We asked some of the Sanctuary Seekers if they wanted to write something for the website and the newsletter. Pauline really wanted to, and wrote the following about her experience of locakdown, and how Manchester City of Sanctuary has been able to support her and her children.

‘My is Pauline, from Edo State, Nigeria. I am a mother of three children who fled domestic violence and an abusive marriage and to avoid FGM being done on my daughter. 

As an asylum seeker, lockdown was a psychological trauma to me. I was really scared because of the distressing event that was going on [corona virus] and the media was also making the situation hard. The death rate kept increasing.

The allowance [£151] for me and my three kids was no longer enough because shelves were empty and other African stores increased the prices of food and the children can’t stop eating, this made me really worried. It’s often said that “a hungry man is an angry man” so I spoke to Liz and she referred me to “The Anthony Seddon fund”, they have been supporting me and my children with food.

I have also been supported with the coffee morning on zoom every Monday where we all talk about general issues and Thursday social sessions.

Manchester City of sanctuary has also helped in writing a support letter to the MP of Dukinfield regarding my asylum decision.

City of Sanctuary has been my support and has given me refuge and the strength to move on’.