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Activity Update

We’ve been getting the hang of using zoom and it’s really opened up the range of activities we can now provide to the Sanctuary Seekers we work with.

Whilst we recognise that online sessions have their limits – (zoom fatigue is real!), we recognise that the connection and interaction these activities provide does have it’s benefits. Many participants have talked about how much better they feel after seeing familiar faces. This was particularly prevalent during the first month of lockdown. M from Cameroon said after the first Ladies Coffee Morning, she no longer felt alone.

As this method of working continues, we are opening up our offer and are halfway through a 6-week Yoga course thanks to funding from Little Magic Grants. Attendees are really enjoying it and look revitalised after a session! Yesterday we had a really successful Self – Defence workshop in partnership with Rainbow Haven, where eight people learned techniques to keep them safe.

Over the next few months we’re looking at offering music, creative writing and dancing classes too. Evelyn has also said she’d love a zoom party!