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Voicing Silence

We were really excited to be able to offer 2 workshops around the idea of extinction with participants sharing their feelings and responses through the medium of art.

We worked with Laurence Payot, an artist who ‘works in collaboration with people and communities – local, global, established or imagined – to create collective events and objects that question and re-invent our sense of belonging. By becoming part of her work, people are given tools to connect with one another and experience everyday places from a different perspective. The exchange between the materials and the people that form her artwork is the key ingredient for the creative alchemy to happen’.

This specific project  ‘is an artistic response aiming to understand how the public feels about the 6th global mass extinction we are experiencing today. It questions how we ought to represent it, how to make sense of it and what new languages are need to express and address it’.

Our participants really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss nature, to express themselves creatively and their work was fabulous. Take a look at it here: