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Big Conversation

In November we were really lucky to be hosted by the wonderful Whitworth Art Gallery. We’ve held out Big Conversation event there a few times now and we always receive a warm welcome. It’s so important to be able to hold our events in places that are beautiful and where people might not know they can access. Creating a sense of welcome doesn’t just mean through the people and communities that we work with, but also the spaces in which we work. By opening certain spaces up, it allows the Sanctuary Seekers we work with to move around the city more confidently and feel like they belong here.

The Grand Hall in the Whitworth is one such place – it’s incredible! So to be able to welcome almost 100 people there, to sing, make friends and enjoy a delicious meal is a perfect way to make memories and open spaces. So much so, that several of our group have gone on to volunteer with the Whitworth and to join events that take place there, delivered by other organisations.

This is a huge win for us as it demonstrates the impact of our work and the long term positive effects these connections can make!

Big thanks to Fee and the Whitworth team, Music Action International and Cracking Good Food, plus the MCoS volunteers and supporters.