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Refugee Week – Manchester Communication Primary School

Refugee Week was a wonderful, busy and powerful time to understand, learn and share what it means to seek sanctuary and how we can all demonstrate compassion in action. We were so thrilled to hear how Manchester Communication Primary School got involved and are really happy to share some of the students work.


At Manchester Communication Primary Academy, staff and children celebrated Refugee Week from 19th-25th June. Throughout the week, the children took part in a number of activities including: learning about what a refugee is and the theme of compassion, finding out about a famous refugee and their story, reading a key text as part of their English lessons and completing some follow up activities based on this. The children produced some thoughtful pieces of written and recorded work such as poetry, persuasive speeches and welcome messages. 

Mrs. Bashir, Deputy Head


The Colour of Home

Somalia was my home

Now my place is here

At my school they are friendly, though I still

Live in fear


I miss the bright sun shining on to my skin,

Now it’s gone like my grin.


Their kindness and acts

Warm my heart,

They make me feel welcome

As I practice my art.


I paint my memories

Of why we left our home.

I paint destruction, the soldiers, the death,

I paint the gloomy sky and me by myself.


One day a lady came to school, her hijab was as

Black as a spider.

She sat next to me as she smiled with glee,

She spoke Somali.

Finally I could speak.

I told her my journey.



Run for your dear life,

Escape from the clenches of war.

Far away from the destroyed civilisation you once called home,

Under the wars deadly control of our lives,

Give yourself the chance to become who you want to be,

Explain that you have the same amount of chances and abilities like others

Even if you are different, anyone can be someone,

So, remember you are special as you are smart and kind.