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Journeys Festival

This Saturday, City of Sanctuary was invited to join Journeys Festival– a celebration for the brilliant artists we often overlook.

Hundreds traveled to Cathedral Gardens to attend Journeys Fest. MCOS had the pleasure to be apart of the festival. MCOS was one of many charities that were invited to attend and share their mission to the city.

The event included music, dancing, acting, storytelling, and even a choir! Almost one hundred performers, from every corner of the World, shared their talents to the city. We were beyond grateful to be apart of an inclusive and celebratory event!


A Special Shout-out!

We would sincerely like to thank those that partnered with us.

One special group that assisted us was 4Lunch. They were able to provide meals, which all proceeds went to MCOS. In total, we raised £270! A tremendous thank you to everyone at 4Lunch! It wouldn’t have been the same without you!



Our Booth

We are very grateful for the volunteers who were able to station our booth! Fortunately, we had fantastic weather! One of the activities we led were called “Links of Hope”. Individuals who visited our booth would answer the following questions:


What gives you hope?

What do you like about Manchester?

How can you welcome someone?


A sincere thank you to Lauren and Natasha, who led the activity, as well as every volunteer we had! None of this would be possible without you all!