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Volunteer Voices: Izzy

“I’m new to Manchester City of Sanctuary. I spoke with Liz at the end of last year and was really inspired by the work that MCoS was doing. In January, I happily took on the opportunity to host the weekly Ladies Coffee Morning. It’s tricky meeting people virtually, but the ladies who attend create such a welcoming environment. I enjoy chatting with everyone there and everyone who comes is really supportive of one another which is lovely to be a part of. The attendees all amaze me when they share the wonderful baking and cooking they’ve been doing.

It’s been a challenging year and I’m back home-schooling my son whilst working from home. At least for me, the coffee morning helps with the isolation and stress of lockdown and seeing everyone each week is something I really look forward to. I always leave the coffee morning feeling cheery; I do hope the others feel the same! It’s the best way to start the week.”